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Extraordinary! Landscapes are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to art and you've created a magical masterpiece. Everything looks full of life... fresh, I guess would be a word to describe it. In a sense, you've given an equilibrium to this entire painting. Twilight doesn't necessarily steal the main focus, yet neither does the tree. I admit it does a draw first attention to it, but a few moments later, the forest, the cottage, the cliffs, the flower, will all seem to jump out at the viewer and show them there is so much more to this painting. So much detail has been elegantly wrought into everything, it's amazing. Even tiny aspects such as the pink petal falling in the foreground gives this art a wonderful sense of depth, though the lake's surface is what really 'blew me away.' How it appears to be translucent with a faint sheen, yet reflective at the same time is beyond stunning. I've rarely seen such a display before and still don't understand how it can be done, but you sure pulled it off in an exemplary fashion. From texture to lighting and everything in between, this painting is glorious in practically every detail. If time were to allow, I could gaze into this world for hours, leaving my imagination to be ensconced in such beauty. I am in awe.

However. As every artistic masterpiece has its minor flaws, this is no exception. Twilight's presence in no way diminishes the magnificence of this painting, yet I can't help but notice she looks a tad bit off, almost as if she had been drawn in a slightly different style than the landscape. Her posture is good, her action is good, and so is her lighting. It's just something about her mane and wings that adds a sort of stiffness to her overall character. To alter the construct of meaning; she doesn't have that ethereal feel of 'softness' to her as the rest of the painting does. Now don't get me wrong, I love some great pony art, but, viewing this painting in all it's splendor, Twilight doesn't seem to fit, yet she doesn't seem to not fit. Either way, this painting can be extraordinary with her or without, is all I'm trying to convey. From an artist's standpoint - I'm not really an artist, but saying this as I think a true artist would say it - Twilight doesn't add nor abate to the painting's glory. It could be just as beautiful without that little, purple equine as it is with her. Personally, I already like it better as is than imagining it without Twilight integrated within. And I'm sure hundreds of others do, too. I'm just sayin' Twilight's nice, but - if it weren't pony - not entirely needed.

So, once more! Outstanding. An excellent painting with such an otherworldly atmosphere and an almost impossibly intricate amount of detail, expertly woven into this most magnificent masterpiece. And with that, I am finished. Hope it was all right for a first critique.

Oh yeah! One more thing before I go... +Fave.
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